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The best way to save money when shopping online!


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A price savvy instagrammer that likes shopping online and always knowing they are finding the best price. One that knows software tech and loves finding great ways to save money.

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Shopbrain is a free app that helps you find the best price every time you shop and gives you price predictions so you know if its a great time to buy or not. Before you check out, Shopbrain quickly searches across the web to check if you’ve found the best price, plus tells you if its truly a good deal or not. It’s free, easy to install and saves you time and money. Never shop without Shopbrain. And never… ever overpay again. Shopbrain is free and available to add to Chrome or Safari when you're shopping online from your desktop or available on iOS and the Playstore for mobile phones.

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Offered by The best way to save money when shopping online!
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