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Table-Art / Wall Art that transformers into 2 tables.

Mark Watts Studios / Table-Art

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Great new patented product. Table-Art / Wall art that transformers into 2 tables. Table - Art 24” X 36” Beautiful anodized aluminum framed Wall Art that becomes a 17” Coffee Table also a 28“ Dinning or Desk Table. This Plexiglas protected table comes with changeable artwork. The Table-Art includes three beautiful Mark Watts prints and room for one more. Weight 14lb Sturdy enough for a Table yet light enough to be placed on the Wall as framed Art. You can pick from Gallery or Design Art on this Web Site or you may want to customize your Table Art to anything from your Family portrait, Your Kids, Classic Car or Favorite picture or whatever. Custom orders are welcome. This table has multiple uses from for home parties, dorm rooms, tailgating at your favorite game, to car shows or just small spaces. Beautiful art that is easy to hang and will be stunning in any decor. This is a great new space saving quality product we know you will love. The only art you can take from the wall to the table. Feng Shui meets functionality. Sturdy yet easy enough to lift. Quality Construction Anodized Aluminum and Stainless Steel non rusting. The only Framed Art that serve as two different height tables. Available In - Anodized Silver Aluminum or Anodized Black Aluminum Any Questions Contact: Mark Watts / Table-Art Phone: 267-784-6611 / email: art@tableartstudios.com Web Site: www.tableartstudios.com

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Offered by Table-Art / Wall Art that transformers into 2 tables.
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Brand new space saving patented product: Table-Art / Wall art that transformers into 2 tables. - Framed Wall Art that transformers into a coffee table and desk table. - Has changeable art use any art or photo you like 24” X 36”. - Ships with 3 great changeable pieces of art. - Quality constriction materials anodized aluminum, stainless steel rust proof. - Stable weight of 14Lb for coffee table, desk table and easy weight to hang. - Hangs horizontal or vertical with hanging holes in unit, also can be hung with 3M 17Lb Velcro. - Here is the web site for more details: www.tableartstudios.com