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Review Of Organic Vegan Natural Beauty Products - Toothpaste


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We are looking for creative, loving life, health and beauty young women to review our amazing products! If you are an influencers who loves to promote vegan, natural, cruelty-free cosmetics to your followers you are going to love this campaign

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-"JUST LEFT THE DENTIST" LIKE FEELING This vegan tooth whitener is the best health care for your teeth and sensitive gums. It also removes the bad breath. Because of the size it's the best travel product! -DEFINITE BEAUTY MUST HAVE For men and for women, coffee and tea drinkers and cigarettes smokers will hear a lot of compliments on how white their teeth look, especially in pictures! Forget about Crest, Colgate, Sensodyne or Aquafresh. -REFRESHING MINT TASTE These whitening products are made of natural ingredients like Japanese Peppermint Essential Oil. Also fans of organic products will love it. This just tastes "clean"! -IT'S MIND BENDING! The black color of this stain remover can freak you out at the beginning but your teeth will feel so fresh after just a few days of using. The formulation was created in Poland.

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Virginic products meet the highest standards of purity. Purity Perfected is not just a tagline, it is a philosophy. Too many products and companies claim to be organic, eco friendly or healthy. However, these claims often do not hold up under scrutiny. We view our role as producers of pure products and as stewards of Earth's resources. Our standards will never be influenced by profit or ease. You will receive 3 units of Virginic product, 1 for you and 2 for your followers to giveaway. Basically, what we want in a post? An influencer to provide a review of the Virginic products focusing on the effects of the products on your body, e.g., skin condition, clearer skin. Plus, the inclusion of your custom discount code (We’re going to provide you with a custom discount code, e.g., YOURNAME3, to give your followers 3$ off storewide at our website: https://virginic.com/) do use the coupon code provided in your post do leave the post in your feed without deleting for three months do use second product for giveaway for your followers don’t post over the post for an hour-plus don’t feature any competing brands in the post, and don’t tag any brands other than VIRGINIC @virginic_com in the post Looking forward to work with YOU