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Drogeria Limonka

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We are happy to do collaboration with beauty bloggers, fashion bloggers etc. Anything that is relatable, although we will also accept collabs from 'fit' intagrammers etc whose response rate is satisfying. We are not looking for instagrammers with millions of followers, we are more interested in quality of responses rather than quantity - which we always verify. We will not accept money proposals, also proposals with low ratings with bad reviews will be rejected. We are serious about what we do, we want the people who we collaborate with to do the same.

Product details

We are an online European cosmetic company. We need fashion bloggers from United Kingdom to promote our website and products. We can offer vegan, natural or hypoallergenic cosmetics that come from mainly Poland, Russia, Korea. If we agree on collaboration, you could have a choice of which cosmetic or category you want to use (afterall we all have different needs) but we will try to offer the ones we want to use first.

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