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Developed by our dermatologist founder, Loma Lux Dandruff Pill contains 7 all natural, mother earth-derived minerals that are taken orally to clear dandruff & itchy scalp from the outside in - with just a twelve-week use course. Why use a topical dandruff treatment when dandruff starts internally where topical products can't reach? Unlike stinky, irritating topical dandruff treatments that can be harsh to the scalp, strip hair color or damage hair - Dandruff Pill contains no harsh chemicals that can irritate or damage the scalp/hair. When used regularly after the initial treatment course, it actually helps prevent future recurrences and promotes scalp health for fabulous hair/scalp day after day. Vegan. Gluten Free. Lactose-Free.

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Offered by Non-Stinky, Hair & Scalp Friendly Dandruff Relief
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