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New Moisturizing Body Butter will be a BIG HIT


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I am hoping to encounter instagrammers interested in product reviews. I also would like to negotiate some soft of referral program setup where they would receive a percentage of each sale they helped me to make.

Product details

I have developed a highly moisturizing and deep penetrating body butter that leaves skin soft for up to 12 hours after application. It utilizes liquid MSM , a sulfate that naturally occurs in the body and assists in minimizing scars and skin discoloration, increasing skin cell permeability, promotes collagen health, and provides an overall healthier appearance. I have carefully researched and combined a variety of natural oils and vitamins to provide the ultimate moisturizing experience.

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Offered by New Moisturizing Body Butter will be a BIG HIT
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I want to say thank you in advance for anyone that helps me to spread the word about my incredible new product and I look forward to our future partnership.