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Kids Adjustable Face Mask

Sand Socks, Inc.

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Looking for a family instagrammer that has a strong contact to parents and family's.

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Kids Adjustable reusable and washable face masks, Made for comfort and security. MADE IN USA NO MASK LEFT BEHIND Neck Strap Reduces Misplaced, Lost, or Swapped Masks. Protection from Contaminants, Dust, Pollen, Dander, Other Airborne particles. Made and Shipped in the United States. Ships immediately. Comfort Fit Spandex Design, Micropleted Stitching improves elasticity Adjustable Length Ear Loops & Neck Strap Water Resistant Spandex repels water and cooties Durable, Washable material Dual layer fabric allows exceptional flow of air for kids' physical activity and play Soft, wide Spandex ear loops for comfort maintain elasticity and durability.

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Small Company new Product willing to send out samples for reviews of both kids and adults.