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First Official Stan Lee Coffee


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Those who build a real, raw and relevant connection with their audience. Doers, creators, dreamers, rebels and mad ones. Real personalities that stand for self-love, self-expression and self-improvement!

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The First Official Stan Lee Coffee just released. The Stan Lee Foundation and Onyx Coffee Lab made this coffee to celebrate Stan’s life, honor his vision and support his Foundation’s mission. All purchases support the Stan Lee Foundation (which he founded in 2010) which continually provides hands-on experiential learning programs for all youth ages. Stan drank and loved Onyx Coffee. They stepped up to plate and crafted a Stan Signature Blend based off of his flavor palate (he loved the Colombian roast they made). Baxtor.co is a new Impact driven marketplace that just hit the scene. The Stan Lee Foundation partnered with Baxtor.co as an Impact Partner! All purchases made on the Baxtor store supports amazing causes like the Stan Lee Foundation. There is a bigger opportunity available here, way bigger than the regular one time fee for a post. Baxtor just opened its Rep Program. Where you can get in on a recurring profit share opportunity. Because our belief is that an independent movement marketing approach is the only thing that way uphold our standards! Propose a rate if you want. But the real opportunity here is to become a success partner “rep” and make way more by taking part of the overall profit of the marketplace. That’s all your choice though.. because we all know performance based profit share is not for those that think they have an influence, but only for those that really do!

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