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Looking for Instagrammers with LOYAL followings; we don't care about follow count or like count, we care about install count and recognize that these are two very different things. It doesn't matter how big or small you are -- if you have a loyal following whom you think would benefit from this product, please reach out to us! Although almost anyone can benefit from an app like this, a few specific massive target audiences: - college students or recent college grads (apartment/dorm expense sharing) - friends living together - (not-yet married) couples living together - groups of people who travel frequently - friend groups that need to lend each other money and pay each other back

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SplitMe is the preferred way of splitting bills, scanning receipts, and tracking expenses with your friends and family. Use SplitMe to keep track of bills from meals, vacations, sharing apartments, and much more. Organize these bills into groups and settle up any debts. Create groups of friends and easily track who owes what. Directly pay back with PayPal, Apple Pay, or your credit/debit cards. SplitMe offers these features in order to provide you the best user experience: - Scan receipts to quickly split - Create families to split bills on vacations - Add users quickly to groups using QR codes - Settle up with Paypal and credit / debit card - Add a bank account to receive payments Use SplitMe to split bills with roommates, to plan out costs while on vacation or just to remind a friend how much he/she owes you for lunch. You can view balances, track your spending, set up reminders, and much more -- all one tap away. The best in class, SplitMe is the ONLY APP in industry to offer features such as receipt scanning, currency management, expense reporting, and a completely ad-free experience for FREE!

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