Osmio duo hydrogen water bottle 400ml h2 rich water

Enrich you body with hydrogen water and gas!

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The Osmio Duo Hydrogen Water Bottle 400ml is a dual hydrogen water product which can be used for both enriching the water with hydrogen and for breathing hydrogen gas. The product comes complete with UK Plug and USB Charging kit, the nasal cannula kit and another kit designed to enable you to use a standard sized off the shelf PET plastic water bottle too. This means you can use your Osmio Duo Hydrogen Water Bottle anywhere on the go, and even if you have to buy bottled water (which we all do sometimes, but we must avoid as much as possible for our environment) then you can still use that to generate the hydrogen. The Osmio Duo only puts, and can only ever put pure Hydrogen H2 gas into the water. Oxygen is separated out. This means any kind of water can be used (i.e. tap water, mineral water, spring water, filtered water, osmotic or distilled water). Please note that the quantity of h2 can vary depending on the level of dissolved solids (TDS) in your water. The Osmio Duo Hydrogen Bottle improves of the first Osmio Hydrogen Water Bottle, as it is made from high quality glass and generates much higher concentration of hydrogen water than our old bottle and lots of other standard electrolysis bottles. Comes complete with: Bottle Cap, Glass Bottle, Generator Cover, Rubber Plug, Generator Base, Generator Waste Cap, USB Power Cable with UK Plug, Bottle Adaptors (2 sizes included), Spare set of 3 washers for bottle head and between the bottle and the generator.

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