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Custom Portrait Illustration

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I have a great interest in working with fashionable instagrammers, particularly those with a unique look (cool hair style or hair dye, alternative fashion look) with engagements and followings higher than my instagram @the_miss_s. I also have an interest in working with musicians (have a look at my Jimi Hendrix, Amy Winehouse portraits on my site). The focus would be to bring new followers to my account. The illustration would focus on the face of the individual

Product details

Are you looking to bring your social media brand or personality to life? Serena's Art does digital custom portrait illustrations, and I'd love to have the service promoted by an influential instagrammer who is looking for a dynamic illustration of their face. The instagrammer must have a larger following and engagement than @the_miss_s. The main focus is to promote the fact that I can do a custom drawing of a visitor if they commission me for a piece, and to encourage follows on @the_miss_s

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