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AIM OF THE CAMPAIGN: To Generate Awareness of the brand. The current goal isn't to sell, but to grow our audience. WEBSITE URL: https://www.muthalandsecrets.com WHAT TYPE OF INFLUENCER ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? Lifestyle (morning and evening routine content), Beauty (Healthy Skin before the makeup goes on), Fitness (important to get rid of sweat and mini bacteria), any Lifestyle type content if you think your audience will welcome it. WHAT EXACTLY IS THE INFLUENCER REQUIRED TO DO? To create content, video is preferred, however pictures of you using the products, not just posing with it, first impressions review, etc.

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DESCRIPTION OF THE PRODUCT: African Black Soap is made from palm ash, plantain peels, and other plant life. It has been used in Africa for centuries in healing and beauty regiments. Combined with the healing, hydrating and soothing properties of Aloe Vera. As a hair wash or shampoo, the liquid black soap clarifies, removing all product build-up, dirt, dandruff and environmental toxins, leaving your hair clean, clear, bright and healthy. As a face and body wash, it brightens your skin tone without bleaching, so your natural skin tone stands out. ANTI-BACTERIAL: This all-natural and organic body wash controls acne & blemishes with the anti-bacterial properties of African Black Soap CLEANSES: Rich ingredients including African Black Soap work magically to cleanse skin & hair and leave you feeling squeaky clean https://muthalandsecrets.com/shop/liquid-african-black-soap-aloe-vera-tea-tree-lavender/ https://muthalandsecrets.com/shop/liquid-african-black-soap-with-aloe-vera-with-spearmint-rosemary/

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HOW MANY POSTS ARE REQUIRED? Negotiable, but definitely more than 1 WHAT SOCIAL CHANNEL DO YOU WANT TO USE? (Instagram, Blog, Stories, Video etc) IGTV, Stories, Feed, Video. Having a engaged YouTube Channel is a huge plus, but if you don't we can work something out. WHAT LOOK/FEEL/STYLE OF POST ARE YOU WANTING? (Informative, Fun, Sexy etc) Whatever fits the influencer's brand DESCRIBE THE COMPENSATION IN DETAIL: I am open to giving out free product, or payment. Let me know what works for you. I offer an affiliate model as well where you can earn up to 30% commission on any sale. We can discuss in detail.