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Someone who is health oriented, willing to try something new and intense. The instagrammer can do this cleanse for several reasons, including weight loss, the relief of digestive issues like constipation and bloating, to eliminate toxins, to heal a medical condition, etc... This is a complete body cleanse that can change someone's life. The instagrammer needs to be willing to fast for 7 days while taking our products, and perform daily colon cleansing.

Product details

7-day detox kit that includes colon cleanser capsules, nutritional supplements, cleansing powders, probiotics and an enema bag for the cleansing of the colon. Some of the program benefits: • Eliminate toxins & heavy metals • Weight Loss (10 pounds) • Aid digestive problems like constipation, bloating & gas • Relieve long term pain • Reduce arthritis symptoms • Raise mental clarity & concentration • Eliminate parasites & candida • Better skin • Reduce atherosclerotic plaque and cholesterol • Heal old injuries

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OM Detox 7-day cleanse is the same program that was featured on the famous tv documentary "The Retreat" on Netflix UK and on BBC Two. 9 participants went on a tropical island to experience a full body transformation. The participants of this reality show got amazing results, which pushed Dominique Julien (the detox specialist on the show) to create OM Detox, a similar program that everyone can do at home.