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A New Magnetic, Way To Hang Your Phone On a Lanyard! Simple And Hands Free!

L!NK Lanyards

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Interested in travel, first...I believe the L!NK Lanyard would be a very practical, useful, and relevant for followers in the travel industry. L!NK also has, I believe, a lot of potential in any aspect in people's lives...so I am also open to virtually Instagrammer that think it would be relevant content for them!

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Introducing The L!NK Lanyard System. The easiest, most convenient, way to stay connected to your phone. The innovative design uses powerful rare earth magnets to link your device easily and securely. Unlike other lanyards, the L!NK bowtie design, allows your lanyard to lay completely flat, and keep your device facing comfortably forward at all times. The strategically placed d-ring can hold ID badges, making identification quicker and easier, and other personal items. The L!NK Lanyard is a simple solution to a big problem. Its patented, magnetic design offers a hands-free way to enjoy even an active lifestyle while staying connected. By removing the 3M tape backing, simply secure the L!NK Phone Base directly to your phone or hardcase, and your phone will always be with you – safely and securely. No more digging in your backpack, purse or pocket. Find out more at http://linklanyards.com

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https://www.linklanyards.com .... AND, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8I6eKGEisY&feature=share

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Offered by A New Magnetic, Way To Hang Your Phone On a Lanyard! Simple And Hands Free!
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I created this product to help enhance peoples lives by making it just a little bit easier and practical. Our phones are something we carry around with us where ever we go..they have become an integral part of our lives. L!NK Lanyards now gives us a way to enjoy a hands-free lifestyle, whether we are on-the-go and just on vacation. Just imagine on your next vacation, always having your phone placed conveniently in front of you for quick access so that you never miss that perfect picture...OR your Grandparents never misplacing their phones again (safety also haha)....OR being on your boat and not having to shove it in the glove box (always in front of you) ... the list potentially goes on and on of different instances we could use a L!NK Lanyard in your life... Please check out the website and see all the features that have been implemented in the design of a L!NK Lanyard. We promise the content for your particular followers will be relevant in a lot of different ways!! Thank you for your time and consideration! Take Care Paul Muller CEO & Founder, L!NK Lanyards www.linklanyards.com