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Premium phone cases

Waves Protect

What we’re looking for

Any bloggers with good engagement rate and at least 20K followers. Preferably fashion, lifestyle and fitness bloggers. Please note that we'll check your account with 3-d party analytics tools. If you have fake followers, please save your and our time and don't apply to this campaign.

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Fashion phone cases for iPhone and Samsung

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We're looking for you to tell your readers about Waves Protect phone cases, how stylish and useful they are. We're not limiting your creativity and want you to make your post more native and suitable for your audience. We don't want it like AD-AD post. Share your thoughts, make a photo of yourself with your phone in the phone case. Just include the link to our website https://wavesprotect.com and mention our account @wavesprotect.com. We'd like you to pay attention to details of the phone case itself, the leather, the quality of plastic, the design, the magnet feature. You can also find inspiration and helpful texts at our website wavesprotect.com. To get started, please let us know the model of your phone. It's free. Shipping cost will also be covered.