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Atlanta Creation Weekend: July 2020

FIT Life Creation

What we’re looking for

High Vibe, Lifestyle, Travel, Fitness, Entrepreneur. Ideal for you if you want to: 1) Build your influence or blog to a full blown brand. 2) Take making money in your own hands. 3) Get healthy like never before. 4) Create guides, retreats, courses, academes. 5) Be part of our community and collabs. Everything in the event itself is covered. Travel is NOT covered. If we see you apply and you are not local, we will not address app unless you message us that you will cover travel and your own stay.

Product details

Our Atlanta Creation Weekend We are looking for 5-15 people to have a 1, 2 day or full retreat to Creating a Life and Business You Love. You will spend the day getting healthy, learning how to make money and build brands. We will be doing smoothie bowls, online meal plans, money making 6 Pack of Wealth and Billions in Our Brains workshops. We will also give you step by step to build a lifestyle brand with 6-9 figures+ limitless. The value of this is >$3,000. You will also walkaway with access and insight into both a 90 day plan, and future exclusive collabs. We also do a fun or social entrepreneur activity to wrap up the day with fitness, photoshoots or community service.

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What are looking for: Serious bosses and entrepreneurs who see the value Competitive content contribution offerings Content Minimums: 1 IG before event announcing participation 1 IG during event + lives / stories featuring activities Testimonial Video at end of day to summarize. 2 IGs post event on what you loved and learned + vlog / blog Include link + event + code to track results Your followers get discounts + you get bonuses for results. (Think like airbnb of experiences combined with Revolve or Like it to Know it for Transformation) The most competitive influencers will be invited and given access. We will also source from our pop ups for digital , masterminds, press trips, and course creation.