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How to Create + Launch Online Course in a Week + Mastermind

FIT Life Creation

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We are looking for bloggers, entrepreneurs, coaches, content creators, IGers + YouTubers / across all channels + local to pop ups Min followers 10K

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FIT Life Creation is an all in one lifestyle + entrepreneurship brand with health, wealth, biz. We include experiences, influencers, and fundraisers online and live. We are looking for influencers who want to create + launch an online course to collaborate + get the course + 1 month in mastermind + bonuses for results + access to more collabs + long term placements + profit sharing! What We Offer In Exchange for Content: 1) Experience Access Fully for Free 2) 2 Giveaway Tickets 3) All Swag + Health + Money + Biz Bonuses 4) 10% Bonuses on Any Tickets or Other Items Sold 5) Podcast Feature of You 6) Potential for our Live Events + Retreats + Placements + more! See www.fitlifecreation.com/ambassadors for various ways to collab What We Ask: 1_) Content Focus on Creating Awareness 2) Spreading Content on All Channels 3) Inviting Followers + Giving Them Code for 10% Off Are you interested in this? Apply ASAP to be considered Here is an overview! http://www.fitlifecreation.com/ambassadors Ready to apply? http://bit.ly/flcinfluencer Here you include content you would offer before, during after What's Next: We look at apps + schedule a call to finalize details + go to next steps e.g. welcome + contract + logistics!

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Deliverables are to be shared on app in link above. Include what you would offer before, during after on all channels e.g. IG, Blogs, FB, Pinterest, Youtube etc. #fitlifecreation #influencerretreat @fitlifecreation @katrinajuliafit