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Lifeboost Coffee

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We're looking for Instagrammers who can take beautiful pictures and can post them on their feed for us. Our audience demographic is 40+ females who are into health, non gmo, organic or artisanal food ideally.

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We are an ultra luxury artisanal coffee company that sells: Certified Organic, Certified Kosher, Non GMO, Single Origin, Shade Grown, Elevation Grown, Spring Water Washed Specialty Bean Coffee That is Hand Picked and Sun dried. It is healthy, pesticide and mycotoxin free and from select small estates. It is carefully grown this way to protect the flavor of the coffee bean, AND to protect the animals, soil, and rain forest itself. A portion of proceeds are donated to RAINFORESTTRUST.ORG Our mission is to provide pure, healthy, low acid coffee that doesn't hurt your stomach or teeth to our customers.

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Excited to meet you and see what you can do with my product! I have tons of respect for the art, beauty and creativity of instagrammers!