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la bota borracha

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I'd love to work with Instagrammers who like my fashion since I think the campaign is way more authentic (and thereby as well way more effective) if you like what you promote. Besides, it would be great if you have a huge influence on your followers. Regarding the circumstance that this is a summer product it would be a great plus if you're somewhere from the southern hemisphere or at least have plenty of followers especially from either Australia & NZ or SA or Latin America :)

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Pls have a look at the website description. Thank you.

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I'd be glad to pay you USD 5.00 for each item that is sold due to your promotion. We can work with discount codes so that we can exactly ascertain the number of sales that is connected to your promotion. Besides, a discount code would give an additional purchasing incentive to the people since it seems to them as if they'd get the product cheaper than standard you know.