Saturday 12, Jan 2019 | Fitness


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☘️🌸😘Golean Detox- diet tea! 🍵 made in Malaysia 👉helps to weight loss 100% natural and organic herbal supplements. 👉safe and no side effects. 👉works for everyone from ages 12-70. 👉capsules teas very convenient. 💥🌳🌳🌳Benefits: 👍support weight loss, helps remove toxins, leanses the system, reduce craving, no fatigue feeling when using Golean Detox. 100% Natural ingredients from Malaysia. 🌿🌿green tea: fat burning, lower type 2 diabetes, lose weight and lower risk of obesity. 🍐🍐Pure grapefruit: weight loss, blood pressure and heart health, good for skin, and promote for a healthy digestive tract. ☘️☘️Lotus leaves: detoxing, lower cholesterol, anti-inflammatory and weight loss. 🌝🌝pure turmeric: increase the antioxidants, incredible benefits against depression and help delay ageing. 🌑🌑jiaogulan: support the immune system and liver function and encourages a healthy weight. 🌔🌔cassia seeds: improved digestion of food, help in weight loss, and promotes sleep. 🍄🍄lingzhi mushroom: detoxification, help defend tumour growth and cancer, balance blood pressure and fight obesity. 🥒🥒bitter melon: lowers blood sugar. 🍃🍃jasminum subtriplinerve: help to clean fat in blood vessels. 🐉1 box: 14 days detox (lose 1-4kg) 🐉2 box: 28 days detox (lose 2-10kg) 1 course of weight loss is 28 days