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So I was kindly asked to test out these new sneakers, take some photos and share my thoughts, and that’s how I discovered CORSO37.


These new sneakers, are consciously made in Italy, with vegan materials, biodegradable, and new technology of YULEX PURE.


YULEX PURE material is the result of 15 years of pioneering research and development carried out by Yulex Engineering Group to develop a revolutionary process of purification of natural rubber for the first time anallergic and high performance. Yulex rubber can be used as a direct substitute for unpurified rubber in all its uses, including those that involve direct contact with the skin and prolonged exposure. Shoes, mattresses, wetsuits and medical devices can now be produced in a natural way without allergic risks and without petroleum derivatives. Yulex rubber stems from the growing need of the public to have environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly natural products that contribute to reducing dependence on oil and reducing the impact of human activities on nature. The Yulex Pure process eliminates 99.9% of the natural impurities of the rubber and increases its mechanical properties

It uses purified water to separate impurities, proteins, dirt and elements that cause bad odor, as well as the contaminants that make the normal yellowish rubber. Thanks to this revolutionary exclusive process of Yulex, Yulex Pure is the first high performance, non-sensitizing, 100% vegetable-based ultrapure rubber that has obtained the FSC certification, which ensures that production processes are not only not harmful to the environment and communities dependent on the forest, but contributing to the protection of the delicate social and ecological balances of the territories in which it is produced. A sustainable crop, which does not waste water because it is irrigated by natural rainfall, which does not harm local and indigenous communities, for a gum-free, vegan, gluten-free and non-toxic (pre-processing) gum, can be used for food (eg Chewing gum) a rubber tested on animals. With these characteristics, Yulex also establishes itself as the natural and safer alternative for natural rubber, which lends itself to 40,000 different applications.

CORSO37 is a true Made in Italy brand that you feel proud of, a product made absolutely with the hands of women and men,done in the Marche region in Italy.




Cluttering the Earth is not in fashion anymore, so choosing biodegradable materials are a must, especially when we buy more shoes and clothes than we need.

Choose smart!